Monday, February 23, 2015

Start the Week Off Right!

Good Morning, All!

     It's still cold here but at least the ice is letting up a bit. Tell you what though, it is tough to get up when the air is so cold!! Now I know why some animals hibernate!

                    But as we don't get to hibernate, here are some videos to wake us up!

 Substitute Breakup - Studio C

Clueless in the Kitchen - Modern Marriage Moments

 Pompous Perception - Jostie Flicks

A Suitor's Tale - Jostie Flicks

Is it Really Over? - Modern Marriage Moments

Metropolitan Boy Scout - Studio C

Stay warm!

Until the Next Time,

Monday, February 16, 2015

Start the Week Off Right!

Good Morning, Ya'll!

     We have snow here. I think snow is so beautiful! It's even better from the view of a nice, warm house! Now many of you are probably reading from areas which get A LOT of snow. As Illinois prepares for the dark predictions of the local weather station, let's enjoy some funny videos and good music to start off the week!

 Lazy Man v. Soda - Studio C

    Breathy Laugh - Studio C

The Hairbrush Song - Veggie Tales

Endangered Love - Veggie Tales

The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps - Veggie Tales

 Imperative Oils - Jostie Flicks

Man v. Kitchen - Jostie Flicks

Enjoy the snow!

Until the Next Time, 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Start the Week Off Right!

Good Morning, Ya'll!

     How was the weekend? I slept through almost all of mine! There is a nasty bug going around my area and I was down for the count starting Thursday! But praise the Lord, all is well now!

     Growing up international, I love music from all over! A nation's music says so much about the people, the history, the terrain and so much more! So this week, I have listed several pieces from different nations! Enjoy!

 Arabic and Egyptian



 USA (Southern Appalachian)







South American Andes




Ya know what is awesome for me?  We may be from different nations, but we all serve the same King. While we celebrate our nationalities, let us remember where our real home is! 

Rend Collective - You are my Vision

Until the Next Time,