Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Christmas Salute

Hello, All!
     And how was Thanksgiving? We had a lovely day, full of food and friends and service! Perfect manner to spend the day!

     I am certain that in the last few weeks you have been bombarded with advertisements galore! Just about every one clamors for our attention, time and money for things that we never realized we needed!

     But every once in a while, a very sliver of occurrence, someone reminds us of the important things. I saw these videos on my facebook feed yesterday afternoon.

The Christmas Truce 1914

1914, A Carol of Christmas

     I have honestly watched these videos (especially the second one) over and over and still I cannot watch without choking up.

     I want to pause and thank our veterans again. Not just the American heroes, but all of those who have ever served for the freedom of others.

     And another round of gratitude to those currently serving their nations, whether they be at home or away from those holiday comforts.

Thank You, All. 

    Until the Next Time, 
~Dios los Bendiga~

Monday, November 24, 2014

Start the Week Off Right!

    Good Morning!
    The week of Thanksgiving is upon us! Today I am thankful for God's control. The world tells me that I need to worry about so many things, that it is responsible to worry about certain things, but God knows all. I can rest easy knowing that nothing happens outside of His will.

Enjoy the videos! My brother just bought Hallelujah for the Cross CD so you will a lot of Newsboys on here. :)

I Surrender All - The Newsboys

 What a Friend We Have in Jesus - The Newsboys

Jesus Love Me - Chris Tomlin

Come as You Are - Crowder

He Knows My Name - Francesca Battistelli

Giants Fall - Francesca Battistelli

Until the Next Time, 

~Dios Los Bendiga~

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Giving Thanks Week 3

Hello, All!
     I wish I could sit down to a long post today, but there is so much kitchen work calling me today! Gingersnaps and apple cider and waffles and etc... But I couldn't pass the day without dropping a note! :)

     Today I want to give thanks for time. Time is wonderful! You can do so much with it! Used correctly, time can change the world!

     Yesterday, God blessed me with time to devote to working on my manuscript. For those of you who haven't heard, I am working on a book, but of course with everything else I do in a day, working a story line is tough. However, yesterday I got to sit in a quiet library and work for almost 8 full hours!  I ended with almost 6 pages! That may not sound like a lot but if you've ever written a story, you know how slowly the words can come.

     Time is a wonderful gift from God. Let's be sure not to waste it!

Until the Next Time, 
~Dios los Bendiga~