Monday, July 21, 2014

Start the Week Off Right!

Good Morning, Ya'll!!
Are you having an awesome Monday morning?? I actually woke up with a minor sore throat, but otherwise I am happy! Mom and I are heading east to visit family for a few days. After a year in Mexico, it'll be nice to have my mother all to myself for a few hours! But whether you are having an amazing morning or a stinky morning, here are some videos to enjoy!

Larry's High Silk Hat

The Top 15 Youth Group Cliches - Blimey Cow

My OCD Song - Rhett and Link

Nothing but the Blood - Matt Redman

In Christ Alone - 


Until Next Time,

~Dios les Bendiga~

Monday, July 14, 2014

Start the Week Off Right!

Good Morning, Everyone!!
     First off: Many congratulations to Germany on winning the World Cup! Actually, I believe that this is the first time that a United Germany has won. The last time, it was West Germany who beat the Argentinians. Very cool!
     Today (which is also Bastille Day- France), starts my official first week back home! It felt great to get to my old gym and wander around town.
     Hopefully, your Monday has started off as well as mine!

Enjoy the videos!

Pretty Stripes - Jostie Flicks

That Baby be Ugly! - Studio C

Song of Hope -The Josties

Spicy Pepper Challenge - Good Mythical Morning

Leave Me Astounded - Planetshakers

You are God Alone - Philips, Craig and Dean

Better than Life - Hillsong 

Until Next Time, 

~Dios les Bendiga~ 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Goodbye and Hello

Good morning!

How is everyone this morning?

     It is a bittersweet day for me. In just a few hours, I will be saying "adios" to a country which has been my home away from home the last 11 months. It's been a roller coaster of emotions and before I start my crazy afternoon, I thought I would share some important lessons from my year.

1) Don't be afraid!
     Something that I have seen from many (Americans in particular) is a fear of the unclean. While it is good to take basic precautions, don't let the fear of illness or, just simply, gross things keep you from enjoying the adventure of a new country. Over the course of the year, I have eaten tongue, brain, beetles, ant eggs and squid ink rice.

(If you ever get the chance to try Jumiles, do it! These little bugs are raised in Taxco, Mexico and can only be found between the months of November and January. While they look yucky to most, crushing them in salsa is amazing!)

     I have braved the Mexican transportation system (those who live here know what I mean!), learned to haul water from the cistern, lived around creepy wildlife (mice, scorpions and taratulas included), and braved the rapids of Mexican streets during the rainy season. And it was a ton of fun! Sometimes, it's better to close your eyes and jump.

2) When called to serve, shut up and serve!

     I had a big issue with this. As a human, I get tired, I get annoyed, I get fed up, and when I am tired, annoyed and fed up, my willingness to serve plummets. However, when in a position that involves serving others (which honestly is every position!), the best thing to do in less than agreeable circumstances is to be quiet. Don't even speak in your thoughts. Sing praises to the Lord, anything that will distract you from mumbling and grumbling while you work. I have actually been nicknamed Cinderella because I would constantly sing while I worked.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks...
Matthew 12:34

       When our hearts are full of anger and exhaustion (and they will be), we must work extra hard to focus our minds and hearts on Jesus. I found such great strength from simply giving praise to the Lord.Singing brings us into His presence, gives us peace and the reassurance we need to press on.

3) Never feel like your work means nothing. You have no idea who you are affecting.

     All year, I cared for the kids of the church. Those kids made me cry from utter frustration on more than one occasion. Usually, I work great with kids, but when the children refuse to pay attention and your language abilities are limited, the job grows dire quickly. But I kept singing and praying and the Lord gave me the strength and materials needed to care for these kids several times a week. Even in the midst of a smooth ride, I resigned myself to the fact that these youngsters didn't learn anything from me. Then my arrived my last night. I joined the women's study this time rather than my usual child care help. The moms gave me an early birthday celebration. As one by one they came by for a hug and goodbye, the kids came around with drawings and letters they had worked on at home and that night. As the girls hugged me, they actually burst into tears and begged me not to go. Now, I hadn't cried at all yet (I just don't cry in public), but when those girls cried, the waterworks broke loose!
     Serving is not about getting recognition, but when the Lord allows for these little moments of revelation of the work you have given, it is refreshing to the soul. Never think that what you do is unimportant. Everything is necessary for the Body of the Church to function properly, and you have no idea just how much your attitude and work affect those around you.

     I don't know if any of you is thinking about the mission field, whether for short term or longer. Let me encourage you to listen carefully to the Lord's leading. Serving in another country is not a cake walk. It is not a vacation. It is work, sometimes exhausting, frustrating, dirty work. But when the Lord calls you, go! Go and embrace the adventure of walking and working side by side with other believers! You will learn so much about life, about yourself and about the God that we follow.

Until the next time, 

~Dios les Bendiga~